Who is Sheila May?

Who is Sheila May?

Hi, I’m Toni! Founder of Sheila May Swim.

One of my favourite childhood memories is going to the river with my Nan and Pop on a hot summer afternoon. We were lucky enough to grow up in the country and Pop would drive down the road and stop at each of my Uncle’s houses, where my cousins would one-by-one jump on the back of his ute and we would head down to his farm, with a beautiful river running through it. 

We would be in our bathers, with towels draped over our shoulders. We took our positions on the back of the ute and they would drive us (at least 10 kids and 1 dog) down to the river. This was about a 15 minute drive and not at all uncommon…if we tried to do it today I’m sure there would be more than one complaint about it being totally irresponsible and dangerous! Back then it was pure love and fun.

Nan and Pop would ride in the front of the ute, singing out every now and then:

“You kids alright back there?”
“Sit down Sandy!” (the dog)
“Hold on tight, it’s going to get bumpy!”
“Is somebody holding onto Ty?”

On the back of the ute, we would sit and feel the wind blowing through our hair whilst singing rounds of “Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree” as loud as our voices could go.

When we arrived at the river, sweaty and hot, we would jump from the back of the ute and run as fast as we could to the swimming hole. We would all wait for the moment when Nan (dressed in her eccentric floral swimsuit) would enter the river, screaming as she bounced and splashed down the rapids. (Some would say I inherited the ‘Nan scream’!) It was pure joy.

We would arrive home feeling refreshed and tired from swimming and all of that fresh air. I can still hear Nan and Pop call their goodbyes as we jumped off the ute and headed inside:
“See ya Midget”
“Bye Toni-Dear”

Nan was famous for her ripper sponge cakes, spectacular garden and serving grated carrot in orange jelly!
She was an incredibly strong, independent woman who spoke her mind and cared for others.
Nan was happy in her own skin. She always wore the most outlandish prints and patterns and her outfits boasted bright, bold colours. Fuchsia pink, turquoise blue and the brightest of oranges.

Sheila May is my Nan. You couldn’t get a more Aussie woman than this. 

Take care,
Sheila’s granddaughter, Toni

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